Internal Control and Process Optimization Supervisor (Lagos)

Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria | Finance | Full-time

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Role Purpose:
Evaluate the efficacy of business processes, internal controls and risk management procedures
currently in place and make recommendations on how to improve internal controls and
governance processes. The position holder will use various tools to diagnose and highlight
inefficiencies in the SOPs, policies and day to day transactions of the company.
He/she will conduct and direct audits and ongoing reviews of organization controls, operating
procedures and oversee compliance with policies and regulations to review and appraise the
soundness, effectiveness and proper application of all internal controls and compliance

Key Responsibilities:
• Internal controls framework: Lead the development and implementation of the internal
controls & risk management framework and policy. Continuously review and monitor existing
systems to improve their effectiveness and increase the organization’s process maturity
levels. Develop operational capabilities to ensure the company can survive adverse effects;
lead diagnosis and highlight inefficiencies, fraud and revenue leakage.
• Risk Management: Test the controls set by the organization’s management (for
vulnerabilities) and give recommendations on how to mitigate against risks. Participate in
end-user testing of applications, systems and dashboards pointing out any inconsistencies
or variations from the business requirements. Develop key risk indicators for the business;
advise management on enterprise risk; continually identify new and emerging risks facing the
company and maintain an up-to-date risk profile. Quantify the probability & severity of the
current and emerging risks.
• Operational Efficiency: Conduct regular reviews of the internal controls system to ensure
that necessary modifications and improvements are identified and made on time. In
partnership with Line Managers develop appropriate robust mitigation actions on gaps

identified. Align the ERP to business processes by advising the technology department from
a control and process optimization standpoint.
• Internal Audit: Evaluate the application of internal operational guidelines/manuals, identify
deviations and recommend appropriate changes whenever necessary. Develop and maintain
the internal audit procedures to ensure that best practice is taken into account and that the
audits address specific areas of Internal controls & risk management.
• Compliance: Ensure that Line Managers and key staff in control functions are well aware of
the company's Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and processes and drive adherence
to the SOPs.
• Reporting: Compile and discuss reports detailing findings, implications and
recommendations for system improvements. Prepare comprehensive regular and special
reports to the leadership team in the business, highlighting identified gaps. Deliver relevant
material information to all relevant stakeholders. Expand data sources & collection to
populate control and process optimization reports.
• Training: Oversee the organization of regular training and awareness for the staff on the
Internal control process to develop an understanding of the same. Document and report
material changes affecting the company’s internal control system to help ensure that the
framework is reviewed, maintained and improved appropriately.
Minimum Qualifications & Desired Skills
• A bachelor’s degree in Business or related field;
• An MBA is an added advantage;
• At least 5 - 6 years in internal controls and risk management;
• Knowledge and appreciation of internal controls, finance or risk management;
• Adept in process management;
• Proven understanding and application of internal controls management frameworks;
• Proficiency is any statistical software will be an added advantage;
• Critical understanding in the establishment and operation of internal control mechanisms;
• Proven track record of working with cross-functional teams;
• Ability to make presentations and lead workshops with ease;
• Ability to articulate complex ideas in an understandable manner.

Competencies & Skills:
• Strong Financial Acumen;
• Strategic Orientation;
• Business Acumen;
• Detail Orientation;
• Analytical Thinking;
• Stakeholder Management;
• Investigative mindset;
• Output oriented;
• Tech Savvy.

About the Company

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